Headland launches reputation risk proposition with former Deloitte Partner

Thursday 17th November: Headland is today launching a new reputation risk proposition with Deloitte’s former partner for strategic risk Hans-Kristian (H-K) Bryn.

Headland Partner Simon Burton will lead the service alongside Bryn who will work in an Associate capacity with Headland.

The proposition brings together Headland’s reputation management expertise with a new method to analysing and modelling the commercial upside and downside of reputational risk.

Geared to the strategic and key investment decisions for companies, such as launching new products, changing sourcing strategies or initiating M&A activity, the new approach will enable companies to build rigorous commercial analysis of reputation risk into business cases and strategic planning.

Headland Associate H-K Bryn commented:

“The Corporate Affairs and Risk teams have distinct areas of focus and often differences in approach.  However, when it comes to assessing reputation risk, they need to work together better to deliver a more holistic evaluation of the strategic and investment decisions facing a company. Too many firms approach reputation risk on a reactive basis, rather than predicting and modelling future risk as part of the everyday business decision-making process.  Our approach looks to harness the individual strengths of each function so that their combined work can better protect and enhance company value.”

Headland Partner Simon Burton commented:

“This proposition from Headland comes in response to client demand.  We have undertaken projects in this space during 2016 and are already seeing interest growing for next year.  Managing reputation risk is vital to enhance and protect company value. However, if Corporate Affairs and Risk functions collaborated more closely on reputational risk management they would be more effective in maximising the value they deliver to their organisations and more successful in helping the leaders of their companies make better decisions.  Headland’s proposition focuses on joint working, allowing these functional siloes to become more than the sum of their parts.”

Notes to editors

ABOUT HEADLAND:  Headland is an award-winning, independent financial and corporate communications consultancy that focuses on supporting the strategic and commercial priorities of its clients.  Established in 2012, Headland was created to reflect the changing needs of companies and executives in the connected world. Headland’s expertise in capital markets communications, corporate campaigning and public affairs offers business leaders the rounded approach to communications needed to shape reputation in the customer-centric world.

ABOUT HANS-KRISTIAN (H-K) BRYN:  H-K Bryn is an independent risk management and governance advisor with over 15 years of partner-level experience in advising corporates on strategic risk management and decision-making.  He regularly publishes on key strategic risk management topics.

Statistics on reputation and risk:  studies show that over a third of corporate value is down to brand and reputation alone, and that 87% of executives view reputation as their most important strategic risk.

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