Multi-award-winning media relations with UBS Wealth Management

Ahead of the Scottish referendum, markets had barely factored in the potential  impact of the outcome, while media was focused on the polarised impact of a Yes or No vote. The third option – a No vote but significant further devolution – was not being considered.

During a six-month campaign, Headland worked with UBS Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Office to create a unique point of view which would raise its profile with clients and potential clients, supported by high-quality research and exceptional media relations. As a result, the head of the UK investment office, Bill O’Neill, was widely credited as the most prolific City commentator on the independence referendum.

But the journey didn’t stop there. Building on this momentum, Headland positioned UBS Wealth Management as expert commentators before, during and after the 2015 UK general election, carving out a significant place in the debate in the national and international media.

Headland was awarded the coveted Best Media Relations prize at the PRCA Awards for the year in which “UBS Wealth Management Wins Majority”, seeing off stiff competition from other high-profile and high-budget campaigns. We were also awarded “Best PR Programme” at the 2015 WealthBriefing European Awards, as well as a Commendation at the Financial Services Forum Awards 2015.

Our work with UBS is extensive. Headland also works with UBS Wealth Management’s teams across the UK to target audiences in the regions, and we also promote its work around financial planning and philanthropy.

Today, we’re proud to continue this award-winning work, ensuring UBS Wealth Management sustains a venerable position relative to its peers.