Reputation and risk

Reputation has always been a key driver of corporate value. By the same token however, it also represents a major strategic risk.

Studies show that over a third of corporate value is down to brand and reputation alone, while 87% of total corporate value is now linked to intangible assets. As a result, most executives say reputation is their most important strategic risk.

Corporate Affairs and Risk functions therefore clearly contain business-critical expertise. However, they need to collaborate more closely on reputational risk management to be most effective and maximise the value they deliver to the organisation. Joint working allows these functional siloes to become more than the sum of their parts, so supporting Executive Committees and Boards to make better strategic and operational decisions.

But that collaboration does not always come naturally. Their different approaches can be particularly exposed during intense pressure points around key decisions, for example capex investments, M&A, market entry, sourcing or new products.

That’s why Headland has come together with Independent Risk Management and Governance advisor Hans-Kristian (H-K) Bryn to launch a new proposition to facilitate effective collaboration and robust reputational due diligence. Led by Headland Partner Simon Burton alongside H-K, who is Deloitte’s former Partner for Strategic Risk, the joint offering brings together Headland’s reputation management expertise with a new approach to analysing and modelling the commercial upside and downside of reputational risk.

Headland and H-K will support Corporate Affairs and Risk functions to go further in understanding, modelling and planning for the commercial impact of reputational risk, helping our clients not only to protect company value but enhance it too.

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