Election 2015: Campaign analysis - UKIP

Those hazy days of last summer, when a swell of UKIP support looked set to deliver more than 10 Parliamentary seats and Tory MPs plotted to defect, seems a long time ago. UKIP have emerged with just one seat, Mark Reckless ousted, Nigel Farage resigning. UKIP lay the blame entirely at the door of the UK’s First-Past-The-Post electoral system, pointing out that one seat is not a fair reflection of over 12% of the national vote.

While some might sympathise with this, there is no doubt that the UKIP halo dimmed considerably throughout the campaign. The dominant electoral narrative of an SNP-backed Labour government denied Farage the stage he had grown accustomed to over recent months while aggressive campaigning by the Tories in key UKIP seats paid dividends in the end.