Election 2015: You talking to me?

Labour, Conservative, Liberal, UKIP, Green, everyone is banging on about the ‘Hardworking’, but no one really defines who they mean by that.

Each party will have put a lot of hours into message testing and ‘war-rooming’ to come up with a narrative which they think puts them on ‘winning’ territory, but how do the voters work out whose definition of ‘hardworking’ they fall into?

It’s easy enough to see how you might be excluded from the label, but if you’re a floating voter, are gainfully employed and consider yourself hard at it, then how do you work out where to pitch your tent on May 7th?

Well, you could look at the tax policies that accompany the rhetoric - Labour policies suggest Ed means lower earners and the Tory tax policies suggest Dave is talking to middle and higher-income earners, but that’s what you would expect. As far as I can see, there is nothing in the label ‘Hardworking’ to convince an undecided voter one way or the other. In fact, a poll recently reported that ‘Hardworking Families’ is the most annoying political phrase of the election so far.

So why do they all persist in using a term that the majority of floating voters can’t relate to? They are out there talking to the public and the press all day every day. You’d think that would give them enough instant feedback to see what messages are landing. If either Labour or The Conservatives are genuinely campaigning for a majority and their research shows ‘Hardworking’ people are the voters to be won, then one of them needs to be clear and proactive about defining who they mean by that and push that narrative relentlessly until they are not just heard, but understood.