Year end review

Not Another 2016 Review

In wondering how on earth Charlie Brooker is going to write his 2016 Wipe without exploding, Headland got on its retrospective horse to take a look back at our own year.

Whilst it’s safe to say 2016 is one to forget (thanks Toblerone), for us it’s actually been a pretty good one. So what better way to pretend to be working and while away a few more minutes to Christmas than by reading our best bits:

1. Picking up an international gong for our work with David Attenborough

We made a quick jaunt to Qatar to pick up the IPRA’s Gold award for best international NGO campaign. That was in no small part down to the strong work of Sir David Attenborough, who fronted the campaign and walked no less than 10km around the UN Paris Climate Change Conference expounding the benefits of the Global Apollo Programme to the world’s media. We think he has a promising career in TV.

2. Helping change the face of P.E. classes

If you tuned into the BBC on radio or TV on November 3rd the chances are you’d have heard about our ongoing campaign for Virgin Active to change the face of P.E. across the country. Those dire days of stopping for a smoke once you were out of sight on the cross country run are well and truly over.

3. Brexperts

Anyone remember the referendum? Pretty much every organisation had a public or private view on Brexit in the run up to the vote, which probably made being heard a bit tricky for some. Not so for UBS, whose spokespeople racked up 140 pieces of coverage before the vote, including almost 50 pieces of quality national coverage making UBS one of the leading commentators on what the potential outcome might mean for the economy, investors and markets. Coverage means coverage.

4. Risky business

If you’re reading this you should probably know that most executives say reputation is their most important strategic risk. That’s because a not insignificant 87% of corporate value is linked to intangible assets. Luckily, Headland is now able to help you out in that somewhat important area as we teamed up with Hans-Kristian Bryn, Deloitte’s former Partner for Strategic Risk, to create a new offer to protect and grow company value. In a happy coincidence, Hans’ favourite film is Risky Business.*

*probably not true.

5. Welcome to Headland

Pepsi Co, McColl’s, New Look, MUFG, AAT, Profile, The AA financial services, Voestalpine and Paragon.

That speaks for itself really.

Merry Christmas from Headland. See you in 2017.