The Corporate as Publisher

Last week, the Headland Research Team presented its latest Headspace - our weekly programme of agency-wide knowledge-sharing sessions.

The presentation – titled ‘The Corporate as Publisher’ – addressed a key theme in the modern communications world; one that will define the way we work in the future and the way we all consume news.

As companies, particularly large corporations with significant communications budgets, begin to put more focus on owned channels (i.e. social media and their own websites), the role of news is gradually changing.

Whether it’s thought leadership, financial results, business announcements or CSR, companies all over the world are coming up with new ways of broadcasting, with the added benefit that they can control how the content is designed and dispersed.

Relationships with the media are still important and negative headlines still have a detrimental impact on business, but the reliance on journalists to be the middle man between the boardroom and the living room is slowly disappearing.

By analysing a wide range of research and highlighting some key examples, the Research Team asked the agency to consider how the way we work may change to keep pace with these trends.

You can view the full presentation here.