The Generation Game

For our latest Headspace – our weekly programme of agency-wide knowledge-sharing sessions – Headland’s insight team delivered a presentation on the generations that make up British society, from pre-war septuagenarians through to the teenagers of Generation Next.

Drawing from a wide range of research, we analysed the socio-economic conditions faced by each generation and found how their experiences and viewpoints are impacting their ever-changing consumption habits.

We also answered the question of what explains our varying behaviours and perceptions. Are they simply a reflection of the generation we’re in, which will change as we get older (known as lifecycle effects)? Or are the shifts in social attitudes more profound, and a direct consequence of major events which will impact across generations (known as period effects)?  

Understanding generational change is integral in what we do. All campaigns must be audience-led and based on real insight. Knowing your Millennials from your Baby Boomers is an important part of the puzzle.

You can view the full presentation here