The maxim that you can’t buy a reputation you must earn it, rings truer today than ever before. The skip/ block/ ignore boycott of advertising provides the backdrop to that point, but more importantly the expectations of investors, stakeholders, employees and customers have shifted, and organisations must now demonstrate value beyond what they do day-to-day.

A campaign allows you to express precisely this, either helping to both enhance and protect reputation or achieve a defined outcome, like policy change or increased awareness of an issue and its solutions.

For us, a campaign is a strategy based on taking action to address a shared issue between a business and its audiences which earns attention and delivers reputational and commercial advantage.

Adopting this approach can elevate an organisation’s communications across the board by: creating a point of difference from competitors; enhancing a narrative beyond an organisation’s strategy or financial performance; creating a stronger context for marketing or influencing public policy; strengthening an investment case; or encouraging employee advocacy and pride.

We have built and delivered long-term reputation campaigns for some of the world’s best-known brands, FTSE-listed businesses, and helped rebuild the reputations of some of Britain’s most recognisable high-street names following operational and reputational crises. We have also created award winning campaigns focused on single issues, including helping make school meals free for all children, convincing 22 countries and the EU to double R&D spend on clean energy technology and changing the way P.E is taught in schools.

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