Organisations that are seeking to increase share of voice, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, raise awareness of an issue, influence public policy, or change the perceptions or behaviour of audiences should be looking to develop campaigns that have a broader relevance outside their core business.

Organisations can do that by understanding the problems facing their audiences, taking a position on how to solve a problem and then taking action that has a credible commercial edge.

This type of campaign platform can elevate all your comms; creating a point of difference from competitors, enhancing a narrative beyond an organisation’s strategy or financial performance, creating a stronger context for marketing, strengthening an investment case and encouraging employee advocacy and pride.

We are experts in developing and delivering campaigns that effectively communicate the action organisations are taking to solve a problem, and our strategic approach is based on comprehensive studies of marketing effectiveness.

We have helped make school meals free for all children, convinced 22 countries and the EU to double R&D spend on clean energy technology, changed the way P.E is taught in schools, improved people’s financial confidence and put arthritis on the public’s agenda.

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