In these volatile times, today’s leaders are not only required to protect jobs, set strategy and deliver value to investors. They are also expected to be able to tell the story of their organisation in a way that powerfully connects with the audiences that matter.

Most leaders understand that they can use their high-stakes communications moments to drive the reputation value of their organisation, whether it’s a market announcement, conference speech, select committee appearance or media interview. However, few naturally feel comfortable in the spotlight and many struggle to find the right approach and tone of voice when they speak publicly.

A carefully tailored and developed programme of coaching can build confidence and capability and transform the impact of a leader’s communications. This is true whether it’s a new CEO who needs to make a mark in their first weeks in role, a rising star who requires targeted coaching to get to the next step of the ladder or a seasoned executive who needs to embrace a new approach.

Our specialist in-house Leadership Communications Coaching practice works with the leaders of some of the world’s most scrutinised and successful organisations, providing tailored programmes designed to best meet the needs of the individual involved and deliver maximum value to their business.

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