I’m one of the world’s leading experts in developing sustainability strategy in major companies, aligning it with business objectives, and embedding it across the business. I’m an independent advisor on sustainability strategy, working with major businesses that are seeking to step up on their sustainability ambitions and performance.

Until Autumn 2018, I was EVP Sustainable Business and Communications at Unilever where I was responsible for leading and embedding the company’s ambitious Sustainable Living Plan into the business and ensuring delivery against its 70-plus time bound targets. In particular, I was responsible for establishing sustainability as a driver of brand growth. By the end of 2018 Unilever’s ‘Sustainable Living Brands’ were growing 67% faster than its other brands and represented 70% of the company’s growth.

Prior to Unilever I was Director General at the Department of Work and Pensions, where I led customer strategy and communications (ie: getting people into jobs) through the global recession. I’m a Founder of Blueprint for Better Business, and remain a Trustee; a Fellow at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership; a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Business Management, and a Fellow of the RSA

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