How my apprenticeship has helped me grow 

Before I joined my apprenticeship with Headland, I was inexperienced, unsure of myself and I lacked something I was passionate about. Then I found the opportunity to work at an integrated agency that covered areas of PR I didn’t know existed.

As part of the recruitment process, I attended an assessment centre. On this packed day, I participated in a debate on lowering the legal voting age to 16, drafted social media content, and presented a case study. I came out of this day, fuelled and ready for more. Two months later, I stepped back into the building, this time, as part of the Headland team. 

Since joining I have learned how to multi-task and manage my time effectively whilst also discovering how broad the PR landscape is. It’s an industry that offers nothing short of excitement, endless possibilities, and an environment where anyone’s opinion is appreciated, no matter the seniority.  

Unpredictable. Evolving. Opportunity. Three words I believe encompass the PR industry. No two days are ever the same. Whether you’ve been in the industry for three months or three decades, you don’t go a day without learning something new.  

Amongst many things, here’s three ways my Apprenticeship has helped me grow: 

1. Staying in the loop 

Being aware of what’s going on in the world has always been of interest to me. It allows me to have conversations that cover more than just the weather and helps me build rapport with colleagues and peers. This awareness of current affairs has allowed me to develop an opinion, which I can translate into my conversations, work and much more.  

2. Networking 

The knowledge that the people around me hold, is one of my most valuable opportunities for learning and growth. Working alongside colleagues who are there to help me and developing these relationships, opens the doors to support, advice, and feedback. This collaboration is a tool that Headland deems indispensable, when people come together, they can offer different perspectives and views, offering rounded advice for our clients.  

Seeing how people approach different situations, how they come to decisions and the factors they take into consideration gives me the chance to ask questions. Why did they do this? Why didn’t they choose to do that? Asking the right questions, the ones that help me understand how they got from A to B teaches me to think strategically.  

3. Opportunities 

In my three months, I have attended creative brainstorms, lunch and learn sessions, visited clients, planned and led in-house social events, and had more introductory coffee catchups than I can remember. Taking on every opportunity, from internal meetings and client calls to after-work social gatherings, has taught me I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain when it comes to putting myself forward and contributing. 

My journey at Headland is only just beginning, but the mentorship and support I have received, together with the amazing culture and values that Headland displays, has played a key role in helping me prosper, both professionally and as an individual.  

People often focus on the before and after, but the value lies in what’s between. 

Our apprenticeship programme is open to anyone who has completed A-Levels (or equivalent). It is delivered in partnership with the industry body, the PRCA. Apprentices work over an 18-month timeframe to complete a Level 4 Apprenticeship qualification (which is a nationally recognised Diploma). If you’re interested in opportunities at Headland, visit our Careers page to find out more.

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