I’ve spent the last fifteen years advising companies around defining moments, from mergers & acquisitions to issue-led corporate campaigns. Almost every time the stakeholder group that made the biggest impact on perceived success or failure was employees. Culture defines a business. Get it right and you create a set of behaviours, mindsets, and ways of doing things that set truly awesome businesses apart. Headland is one of those places built to challenge the norm, and my role here is to help build and maintain a great company culture that cements that position.

I spent 5 years as an M&A lawyer at Linklaters LLP and then ten years on the client side at Brunswick Group. In 2015, I moved into a Chief of Staff role at Brunswick, working with Executive Chairman, Sir Alan Parker and then CEO Susan Gilchrist across management priorities. That experience gave me a solid foundation through which to approach talent management and taught me that people and culture are inextricably linked to business strategy and the long-term success of every great business.

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