Strategy, Insight & Planning

Business success is no longer solely the outcome of simple economics, but also of living up to a broad set of stakeholder expectations. Navigating this dynamic can’t be left to instinct, or simply what has worked in the past.

We help our clients understand and exceed expectations through deep insight and data capable of informing business strategy.

Headland’s expert team is made up of opinion researchers, audience and data analysts, campaign planners and reputation strategists who work alongside Headland’s range of experts to give our clients the broadest perspective.

We use insight to develop reputation strategy, inform sustainability plans, develop narratives, test messaging, measure performance and plan communications campaigns.

Set reputation strategy

We can prove the connection between stakeholders’ perceptions and business value. This informs reputation strategies that deliver on business objectives and provide communications professionals with the reputation data to shape business decision-making.

Understand audiences

Landing messages that have impact means understanding your audiences - be they consumers or colleagues, regulators or politicians. Our insight tools give you the confidence to shape powerful communications on a bedrock of evidence.

Plan campaigns

Our team of strategic planners use a set of bespoke tools, working alongside our core client teams, to distil an insight from the research and data to unlock the strategy and positioning. From there we create actionable plans and turn strategy into reality.