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Jack Doyle

Jack has held positions at the highest level in both government and the media. A journalist by trade, he spent ten years at the Daily Mail covering news, home affairs and reporting from Westminster. As the Mail’s Associate Editor, he wrote the newspaper’s editorial column, as well as features and political analysis. In 2020, he left journalism to work in 10 Downing Street as the Prime Minister’s political spokesman and press secretary, handling day-to-day press inquiries during the start of the pandemic. Promoted to Director of Communications, he was a senior political advisor to the PM across domestic and foreign policy, in charge of overall communications strategy, cross-government campaigns, digital output and day-to-day media engagement. He led a team of more than 50 officials and political advisors. Jack worked in no10 throughout the Covid pandemic and during two of the most challenging years for government since WW2.

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