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Financial Communications

For public companies, the capital markets are one of the most influential determinants of corporate reputation. Regular and considered communication with investors, analysts, regulators and the media is essential for any company seeking access to capital and to grow shareholder value.

For private companies, it’s no longer a legitimate strategy to operate in a communications black-out. They now receive the same degree of scrutiny from the financial media as public companies.

We have the deep experience required to navigate this complex landscape to design, implement and execute effective communications programmes. These range from financial calendar work and investor days to M&A, IPOs, bond issues and other capital raisings, financial restructurings, shareholder activism and bankruptcies.

What sets us apart is our ability to set the discipline of financial communications within the broader context of corporate reputation to the benefit of shareholders, customers, employees and wider society.

Corporate Communications

We provide corporate communications services for the toughest challenges facing organisations. From navigating complex issues to creatively promoting your services, we create and deliver programmes which support your organisational strategy.

We don’t believe there’s a communications template to manage or grow your reputation. No challenge is identical so we will always look for new ways of solving problems and to provide a perspective that a client may not have considered before. We provide bespoke advice which is based on a deep and thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses, audiences and operating environments.

Our offer spans the provision of strategic advice through to the delivery of rigorous media and stakeholder relations. Our consultants understand how corporate communications can work with other disciplines – financial PR, public affairs or campaigning – to provide an organisation with the right combination of skills and experience to meet its specific needs and further its growth.

Public Affairs

The political climate always affects the business environment.  Shaping regulation and policy debates requires not just an understanding of the policy process but also the raw politics around it – both within political parties as well as between them.

With a team drawn from the worlds of Westminster, think tanks and the in-house government affairs units of multinationals, we are expert in interpreting and predicting the impacts and opportunities that the political arena presents for clients.

We have delivered programmes for organisations across all major sectors and our advice provides the insight and guidance needed to support the development of effective business and communications strategies aligned to every other aspects of a client’s comms programme. Our work includes stakeholder engagement programmes and consultation responses to select committee appearances.

We are a member of the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC) and we adhere to its code of conduct.


Organisations that are seeking to increase share of voice, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing, raise awareness of an issue, influence public policy, or change the perceptions or behaviour of audiences should be looking to develop campaigns that have a broader relevance outside their core business.

Organisations can do that by understanding the problems facing their audiences, taking a position on how to solve a problem and then taking action that has a credible commercial edge.

This type of campaign platform can elevate all your comms; creating a point of difference from competitors, enhancing a narrative beyond an organisation’s strategy or financial performance, creating a stronger context for selling and encouraging employee advocacy and pride.

We are experts in developing and delivering campaigns that effectively communicate the action organisations are taking to solve a problem.

We have helped to make school meals free for all children, convince 22 countries and the EU to double R&D spend on clean energy technology, change the way P.E is taught in schools, improve people’s financial confidence and put arthritis on the public’s agenda.

Digital and content

Digital media has irrevocably reshaped how messages are disseminated to and received by their intended audiences. But digital is anything but a standalone specialism or concern.

On the contrary, organisations should have embedded a digital-first approach into everything that they do, dialled up or down depending on the situation, the channel or the content. And that’s as true for a product launch or thought leadership campaign as it is for a crisis response or set of financial results.

We’re uniquely placed to take a digitally-informed and audience-centric approach, armed with the best analytics tools and the people to turn the insights into data-backed advice that delivers meaningful outcomes and commercial results.

Leadership Communications

The leaders of a business set the tone for all external and internal communication. We find the right words to help CEOs, directors and senior spokespeople tell their stories and showcase their ideas, plans and vision.

With performance coaching and media training, we prepare business leaders to go out and deliver with energy and confidence.

With special situations training we prepare senior executives who unexpectedly find themselves in the media spotlight or face sudden external pressure.

We recognise that each senior executive may require a different coaching approach. Our Leadership Communications service is, therefore, a bespoke programme – designed afresh for each individual.

Effective leaders can inspire internal and external audiences, supporting corporate reputation and building business value.

Reputation and Risk

Risk by definition is a deviation from expectation – and therefore the potential to gain or lose value. This applies to reputation like anything else. In an uncertain world, focusing on reputation risk is as likely to bring upside as it is to protect your company against the downside.

Studies show that over a third of corporate value is down to brand and reputation alone; reputation risk must be central to effective corporate decision-making.

We bring together industry-leading risk management and reputation specialists to deliver a new approach to analysing and modelling the commercial upside and downside of reputational risk.  Across M&A, new product launches or changes to the supply chain, incorporating reputational risk assessments at the decision-making stage can help to create resilient long-term enterprise value.

We understand the commercial impact of reputational risk, helping our clients not only to protect company value but enhance it too.

Crisis Communications and Issues Management

Every organisation will face a crisis or issue that will impact its reputation. Sometimes these moments will serve as a brief, but disruptive distraction from normal service. But at other times events can occur that severely undermine a company’s activities, provoking intense and furious scrutiny, and impacting corporate reputation and shareholder value.

How a company manages its communications in times like these is vitally important and can have a lasting impact on its reputation.

We have a wealth of cross-sector experience of business-critical communications and advising companies through times of significant stress and public interest.

Unlike other agencies we provide bespoke teams of consultants with multidisciplinary expertise, including financial communications, reputation risk advice, corporate and consumer campaigning, public affairs and internal communications. This comprehensive approach to communications ensures that any crisis strategy addresses all affected stakeholders with targeted and tailored messaging and materials.

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